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MILITECH NIJ Level 3+ RF2 Alumina & PE Stand Alone Plates (2 Per Order)

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If you're not worried about .30 caliber AP (armor piercing) threats, these are some of the best plates on the market for level III+. Militech, an ISO-certified manufacturer, manufactures these plates, so quality control is not a concern! In addition, we have these ballistic plates tested by BMT (Ballistics and mechanical testing) and OBL (Oregon ballistic laboratory). We've included testing documentation in the photos. 

Unlike most Chinese armor, these plates have an edge-to-edge ceramic strike face. These average 4-6 pounds a plate depending on the size and shape you get! The hexagon tiles make the plate truly multi-hit capable. Instead of the whole plate shattering when it gets shot, the tiles prevent the plate from "spiderweb" cracking all over. 


 Stops M193, M855, M855A1, M80, M43, and much more! 


  • NIJ 0101.06 RF2 Level III+ (3+) tested stand-alone
  • Light-weight Alumina Ceramic and PE panels
  • Multi-shot tiled ceramic
  • Multi-curve and single-curve SAPI cut style plates available, as well as a 10x12 swimmer-cut style plate.
  • Wrapped in water/chemical-resistant nylon.
  • Edge-to-edge tiled ceramic core!
  • Strike face drop protection.



  • 10x12 Single-Curve SAPI: 5lb per plate
  • 10x12 Multi-Curve SAPI: 5.1lb per plate
  • 10x12 Multi-Curve Swimmer Cut: 5.2lb per plate
  • SAPI Size S (8.75"x11.75"): 4.1lb per plate
  • SAPI Size M (9.5"X12.5"): 4.85lb per plate
  • SAPI Size L (10.25"x13.25"): 5.5lb per plate
  • SAPI Size XL (11"X14"): 6.6lb per plate



  • 10x12 Single-Curve SAPI: .8" of an inch 13/16"
  • 10x12 Multi-Curve SAPI: 1" inch
  • 10x12 Multi-Curve Swimmer Cut: .8" of an inch 13/16"
  • SAPI Size S (8.75"x11.75"): 1" inch
  • SAPI Size M (9.5"X12.5"):1" inch
  • SAPI Size L (10.25"x13.25"): 1" inch
  • SAPI Size XL (11"X14"): 1" inch

We accept returns within 30 days on all products, except for ballistic plates. We cannot accept legal liability on ballistic plates because they can be damaged if abused or improperly shipped.


By purchasing this product, you understand and accept our legal terms on ballistic plates.