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AIRE EX Rifle Rated Level III ACH Helmet

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 This product is custom-made to order! The average lead time is 4 weeks. 
(Note: Orders for helmets cannot be canceled once purchased. Production begins right away on your helmet!)

**Due to the high number of variants and styles of this helmet, we do not have product photos for every helmet variant. Photos may not represent the exact model you will receive. IE: Selecting "High-cut with Foliage Green" may show a Full-Cut helmet in the product photo.**

Introducing the AIRE EX Level III Rifle Rated ACH Helmet, capable of stopping rounds up to NATO M80 (7.62×51) at 2100 ft/sec (640 m/s). Designed with user safety, comfort, and ergonomics in mind, this helmet features the game-changing Pads-free AIRELOCK Liner System.

With less than 50% of the liner touching the user's head, the AIRELOCK creates a floating effect that delivers maximum comfort, even over extended periods of use. The advanced silent dial system and premium chinstrap make it ideal for front-line users. The AireLock Liner System is versatile and modular, allowing users to customize their head protection configurations specific to their needs.

In addition to its rifle rating, the AIRE EX Level III ACH Helmet features a high-cut shell, Velcro, bungee, M-Lock Aire Rail System, Aire Mount NVG Shroud, Aire Support Prime Cushion System, and an adjustable CAM Retention System. Experience the ultimate in modern-day head protection with the AIRE EX Level III Rifle Rated ACH Helmet.


  • High Cut Shell
  • Velcro
  • Bungee
  • M-Lock Aire Rail System
  • Aire Mount NVG Shroud
  • Aire Support Prime Cushion System
  • Adjustable CAM Retention System

  **Note on "Rifle-Rated" and a common misconception we'd like to address**

This helmet is rated to stop M80 NATO. HOWEVER, backface deformation (BFD) is still significant and will likely harm the user. The rifle rating in helmets is different than plate armor. Rifle-rated plates will stop the bullet and usually only bruise the user's chest. Heads are not as forgiving to such BFD! Rifle-rated helmets are designed to outperform level IIIA ballistic helmets by offering significantly less BFD on pistols, shotguns, and shrapnel. It gives the user a better chance at survival upon impact, compared to a level IIIA helmet!


Small 3lbs - Medium 3.1lbs - Large 3.2lbs - Extra Large 3.4lbs.

Size Chart

Small up to 22" (56 cm.) up to 6 7/8"
Medium up to 22.5" (57.2 cm.) 7 - 7 1/8"
Large up to 23.5" (59.7 cm.) 7 1/4" - 7 1/2"
XL 23.5" & up (59.7 cm. and up) 7 5/8" and up


Protection Capabilities

Caliber Size Projectile Type Striking Velocity (ft/s)
9mm 50-grain USM4 2490
9mm Fiocchi, 115-grain FMJ 1540
9mm 124-grain Hydra-Shok JHP 1230
9mm 124-grain FMJ 1425
9mm 124-grain FMJ Steel 1262
.357 100-grain Frangible SF 1774
.357 115-grain JHP 1645
.357 125-grain SIG FMJ FN 1475
.357 125-grain GDHP 1454
.40-cal 95-grain S&W HP 1697
.40-cal 115-grain S&W JHP 1249
.40-cal 180-grain S&W JHP 1098
.44 Magnum 240-grain SJHP 1412
5.56x45 M193 2986
7.62x39 M1943 2676
7.62x51 M80 Ball 2100