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Gorka-4 Suit

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This product has an estimated 3-5 week shipping time. There are sizing charts in the photos or in the description below! Each purchase comes with a jacket, pants, and suspenders.

This is not a genuine BARS Gorka. A company in Russia designed these but they are not BARS. In our testing, we had several quality control issues with BARS Gorka's. The Gorka we've sourced here offers much better water resistance and will last much longer than a regular BARS Gorka. The button stitching is much more sturdy as well. The buttons on the pants use a nylon webbing rather than thread which creates better durability. 

The Gorka-4 Suit is a mid-to-all-season suit perfect for most operations. It's baggy enough to put more or fewer layers under it while keeping you at the ideal temperature. The Gorka is made out of durable double-layer and ripstop materials. In addition, this particular Gorka has distinct variations in color to help break the operator's silhouette.


  • Large enough with elastic adjustability to allow for extra layering under the Gorka.
  • Made out of high-quality "tent fabric" and RipStop. 50% cotton / 50% polyester.
  • Water-resistant! Great for light rain, for heavy rain we recommend using a poncho.
  • Each purchase comes with a jacket, pants, and suspenders.
  • Overlapping layers in high friction areas for more durability

The Jacket:

  • x2 shoulder pockets.
  • x1 internal pockets for flat IFAKs or documents.
  • x1 chest pocket with two buttons.
  • x2 large belly pockets.
  • The pockets are designed to allow for bending so that the Gorka is more comfortable.
  • Elastic forearms and sleeves to keep the Gorka held in the right place.
  • The hood has retention bands.

The Pants:

  • x2 Regular pockets on the left and right sides of the pants.
  • x2 Cargo pockets.
  • x2 Rear pockets. 
  • High waistband so that the operator can wear the pants in a position that allows maximum movement. 
  • Elastic ankles to keep the pants in the right area.
  • Adjustable knee retention to keep the pants held in the right spot.
  • The product comes with belt loops and suspender loops.


Size Shoulder Chest
Sleeve Length Length Waist Hip Pant Length
17.32" 38.58" 24.41" 27.17" 25.98-30.71" 40.16" 38.19"
18.11" 40.94" 24.80" 27.56" 26.77-32.28" 41.73" 38.58"
18.90" 44.09" 24.80" 28.35" 28.35-35.43" 44.09" 39.76"
18.90" 44.88" 25.59" 28.74" 28.35-35.43" 44.88" 40.55"
19.69" 46.46" 24.80" 29.13" 28.35-37.80" 47.24" 39.76"
20.47" 48.03" 25.59" 29.53" 29.13-38.58" 49.61" 40.94"
21.26" 49.61" 24.80" 29.13" 30.71-40.16" 51.18" 41.34"
21.26" 51.18" 25.59" 29.92" 30.71-40.94" 51.97" 41.34"
22.05" 53.54" 25.98" 30.71" 33.86-43.31" 53.54" 42.52"