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About us

We at Uprise Armory strive to be your most trusted tactical gear and armor importer. We take product testing to the next level and only offer products worth anyone's hard-earned money. Our product testing is rigorous because we know that your life might, quite literally, count on it. As a result, all of our tactical gear and armor products are of professional quality, and we wouldn't settle for any less.

One of the biggest problems plaguing our industry is tactical gear businesses sourcing the cheapest foreign products and rebranding them. This practice tricks customers into trusting these shady brands. The customer then ends up with a low-quality product. Doing business like this is simply unacceptable.

Every couple of years, the armor products we offer are tested by third-party NIJ (National Institute of Justice) testing facilities. Many of our armor products are tested by multiple NIJ testing facilities. Additionally, our armor manufacturers must stay updated on their ISO certifications to prove consistent quality control. We do not rebrand our armor so that we can maintain transparency with our customers. You will always know who our armor manufacturers are.

Our gear is tested for NIR (Near-Infrared Radiation) so that our products don't glow or reflect under night vision or infrared devices. This test is essential so that you aren't glowing under enemy optics at night. We rate the quality of the fabrics and stitching on our clothing on our low, mid, and high-tier classification system. Even our low-tier clothing meets high standards.

Additionally, we keep your sensitive information away from foreign countries. Only Uprise handles your sensitive information. So while you might find some of the products we source elsewhere, you never know who is getting your information. Plus, you can expect that they'll send you a lower-quality version of the product that they're advertising. Sadly this, too, is a common practice plaguing our industry, and it is unacceptable.

It's time to step up and fix these issues in our industry. It's time to put doing the right thing before profit.

Liberty and Armor for All.