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The YK-1 Plate Carrier

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If it's available to purchase, it is in STOCK! They ship within a few days of your purchase.

Orders with Armor: These average 2-3 weeks. 

 (Updated May 28th, 2024)

The YK-1 is our most popular carrier. It's made out of 1000D nylon and is durable enough for many years of use. In addition, the YK-1 comes with all of your most essential pouches. They come with pouches for ammo, medical, miscellaneous gear, and snacks. Finally, our YK-1 comes with a quad quick-release. You no longer have to shop around for all the plate carrier components with one purchase of this carrier.

The carrier:

  • One size fits all with adjustable cummerbunds and shoulders from S-XXXL.
  • The carrier comes with a quad quick-release. (Two tubular quick-releases and two buckle releases.)
  • Breathable EVA foam behind the plate bags for comfort.
  • The shoulder pads are removable.

*Please note that the Multicam is not AR670-1 complaint. The “Multicam” used for the YK-1 has a slight red hue compared to genuine Multicam.


(1 year) We at Uprise Armory LLC don't want you having to work with broken kit or having to replace something that we could easily take care of for you. Learn more about our warranty here.

The ballistic plate capabilities:

  • The front and rear plate bags hold 10"X12" SAPI/Swimmer plates (Multicurve plates also work).
  • Additionally, there is another pocket behind the plate bag for backer plates.
  • Plate front and rear plate bags have internally integrated retention straps to keep the plate in the right place.
  • The cummerbunds have removable integrated magazine inserts and can hold 6"x6" or 6"x8" side plates. (We suggest retaining it with a loop of paracord so the side plates don't slide out.)


The pouches:

  • The pouches are MOLLE for complete customization capabilities.
  • You'll receive the following pouches:
    • x7 integrated kangaroo-style AR mag pouches. (All removable)
    • x2 MOLLE AR mag pouches.
    • x1 panel of 3 pistol mag/utility items pouch.
    • x1 Admin/utility 10"x4"x2" pouch.
    • x1 Medical pouch


Plate Information:

Militech Level III+ (3+) Alumina Ceramic Tiled RF2 Plates

If you're not worried about .30 caliber AP (armor piercing) threats, these are some of the best plates on the market for level III+. Militech, an ISO-certified manufacturer, manufactures these plates, so quality control is not a concern! In addition, we have these ballistic plates tested by BMT (Ballistics and mechanical testing) and OBL (Oregon ballistic laboratory). We've included testing documentation in the photos on the original listing here.

Unlike most Chinese armor, these plates have an edge-to-edge ceramic strike face. These average 5.1 pounds a plate. The hexagon tiles make the plate truly multi-hit capable. Instead of the whole plate shattering when it gets shot, the tiles prevent the plate from "spiderweb" cracking.

  • NIJ 0101.06 RF2 Level III+ (3+) tested stand-alone
  • Light-weight Alumina Ceramic and PE panels
  • 5.1lbs a plate
  • Multi-shot tiled ceramic
  • Multi-curve SAPI
  • Wrapped in water/chemical-resistant nylon.
  • Edge-to-edge tiled ceramic core! No foam edge!
  • Strike face drop protection.
  • Stops M855A1/M80 Ball/M855/M193 and lesser threats.

Militech Level IV Single-Curve RF3 Plate


  • NIJ 0101.06 Level IV (4) stand alone
  • Light-weight Alumina Ceramic and PE panels
  • Multi-shot tiled ceramic
  • SAPI cut style plate
  • Water/chemical-resistant polyurea covering
  • Light-weight: 5.9LBS per plate

Note: This plate has an inch of drop protection surrounding the ceramic core along the edge of the plate. This means a 10X12 plate has an 8X10 level IV core centered on the plate. This provides three key benefits to the plate. However, you lose a little less than the width of your finger in level IV protection on the edge of the plate. The edge of the plate will only be level IIIA-rated.

  1. 360-degree drop protection. You can drop this plate on the edge, strike-face, and back of the plate and still have confidence in the ceramic.
  2. Weight loss. Typical 10X12 alumina ceramic plates weigh 8+ pounds a plate. 8 pounds is typically okay if you're wearing the plates often enough to get used to them; however, for most people that own armor for SHTF or self-defense purposes, 16 pounds in just armor will most certainly suck the energy out of you. Especially if you're not used to it! To achieve weight loss in level IV plates, you typically spend double or triple the cost for lighter materials.
  3. Tiled Core for legitimate multi-hit capabilities. Most ceramic plates have monolithic cores. Monolithic plates tend to crack most of the plate when it's shot. With a tiled pattern, each tile can be shot instead of cracking the majority of the plate.

    Testing documentation for the level IV plates can be found here.

If edge-to-edge protection is a must, please check out our Hoplite plates, Militech Black Label Plates, Militech Swimmer Cut Plates, or our other Militech III+ plates. 


Hoplite 26605 Level IV SAPI Plates

All Hoplite Hard Armor Plates are Made in the USA by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the world's largest and most respected body armor manufacturer.

The Hoplite plates in this deal are Medium 9.5" X 12.5" X 1" SAPI Plates.

They have the following features:

  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified level IV standalone
  • Made out of Alumina Ceramic and backed with lightweight layered polymer composite fiber
  • Wrapped in a black Cordura Nylon covering
  • Foam drop protection on the strike face of the armor plate for NIJ 0101.06 spec
  • Multi-curve
  • 7.5lbs per plate