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High-Tier Carbon Grey and Black Combat Shirt

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This product takes 2-4 weeks to reach your front door! We suggest ordering one size up from your regular size! 

  • Detachable hood depending on your operation!
  •  Water-resistant hood and sleeves.
  • Nylon and polyester sleeves and hood for durability.
  • Cotton and polyester torso for comfort and keeping you cool!
  • Velcro wrist to tighten down the sleeves!
  • Hoodie pull-strings to tighten the hood.
  • Zip-up collar for ease of getting the shirt on and off.
  • Velcro pocket sleeves!
Size Chart
Size Height/Weight Chest Width (in) Dress Length (in) Sleeve Length (in)
XS 61-65-IN, 88-121-LBS 36 23 24
S 65-67-IN, 123-143-LBS 37 28 31
M 67-69-IN, 143-165-LBS 38 29 31
L 69-71-IN, 165-176-LBS 40 30 31
XL 71-73-IN, 176-198-LBS 41 31 32
XXL 73-75-IN, 198-220-LBS 43 32 32