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Combat Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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This product takes 2-4 weeks to reach your front door! Order your regular size on this combat t-shirt, they fit true to your regular size! If you have any sizing issues upon receiving your product, contact us for a hassle-free size exchange! 


  • Made out of Ripstop Nylon/polyester sleeves and hood for durability.
  • Detachable hood depending on your operation! 
  • Water-resistant hood and sleeves.
  • Cotton and polyester torso for comfort and keeping you cool!
  • The T-shirt includes Hoodie pull-strings to tighten the hood.
  • Has a Zip-up collar for ease of getting the shirt on and off.
  • Velcro pocket sleeves!
  • YKK high-quality zipper.


  • Smoke green is close to ranger green, it has a little bit of a gray hue to it. 
  • Combat t-shirts are great for keeping you cool while training! However, in an SHTF scenario prepping, you may want to opt for a long-sleeved shirt instead. This is because you want as little skin exposed to the elements as possible. The military wears long sleeves for a reason! Think of baseball players, imagine their knees if they didn't wear long pants. They'd have wicked skin abrasions everywhere! It's entirely up to you, though! Just something for you to consider to make an informed purchase!