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Gopnik Squatting Slav Combat Shirt And Pants

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This product takes 3-5 weeks to get to your front door! Free shipping!


  • Detachable hood depending on your operation!
  • Water-resistant hood and sleeves.
  • Nylon and polyester sleeves and hood for durability
  • Cotton and polyester torso for comfort and keeping you cool!
  • Velcro wrist to tighten down the sleeves!
  • Hoodie pull-strings to tighten the hood.
  • Zip up collar for ease of getting on and off.
  • Velcro pocket sleeves!
  • Gives you 3000% more squatting power.

We at Uprise Armory now offer three types of combat shirts. High-tier, Mid-tier, and Low-tier combat shirts. The prices for these tiers vary by the quality of the shirt. We at Uprise Armory only offer well-built products however, there are some differences between the three tiers. We will discuss them below.  

High Tier- These shirts have been double stitched in almost all areas. They have high-quality materials that are color matched as close as they can be to their respective camos. Except for the Gopnik stripes, they do not reflect under IR or glow under NVGs
Mid Tier- These shirts are made with high-quality materials. They are almost identical to the High Tier shirts however, they're not double stitched. The stitching quality is still extremely good, and we recommend this tier for most people.
Low Tier- These shirts are built extremely well but they are missing some key features. They do not have detachable hoods. They also are made with poorly color-matched fabric. The fabric is good and durable however, it doesn't match their respective camo's the best. For instance, "woodland" is slightly brighter than traditional woodland.  If you're not picky, it'd be fine!