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MILITECH Alumina Ceramic NIJ Level IV Stand Alone Ballistic Plates (2 Plates)

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  • NIJ 0101.06 Level IV (4) stand alone
  • Light-weight Alumina Ceramic and PE panels
  • Multi-shot tiled ceramic
  • SAPI cut style plate
  • Now available in (8.75" X 11.75" 5.3lbs) (10" x 12" 5.9lbs) (10.25" X 13.25" 7.2lbs) (11" X 14" 8.7lbs)
  • Water/chemical-resistant polyurea covering (10x12 model only! Other models use a standard nylon wrap.)
  • Light-weight: 5.9 - 8.7 LBS

Note: This plate has an inch of drop protection surrounding the ceramic core along the edge of the plate. This means a 10X12 plate has an 8X10 level IV core centered on the plate. This provides three key benefits to the plate. However, you lose a little less than the width of your finger in level IV protection on the edge of the plate. The edge of the plate will only be level IIIA-rated.

  1.  360-degree drop protection. You can drop this plate on the edge, strike-face, and back of the plate and still have confidence in the ceramic.
  2. Weight loss. Typical 10X12 alumina ceramic plates weigh 8+ pounds a plate. 8 pounds is typically okay if you're wearing the plates often enough to get used to them, however, for most people that own armor for SHTF or self-defense purposes, 16 pounds in just armor will most certainly suck the energy out of you. Especially if you're not used to it! In order to achieve weight loss in level IV plates, you typically will spend double or triple the cost for lighter materials.
  3. Tiled Core for legitimate multi-hit capabilities. Most ceramic plates have monolithic cores. Monolithic plates tend to crack the majority of the plate when it's shot. With a tiled pattern, each tile can be shot, instead of cracking the majority of the plate.

If edge-to-edge protection is a must, please check out our Militech Black Label Level IV Plates or the Militech Level IV Swimmer-Cut Plates. 

We accept returns within 30 days on all products, except for ballistic plates. We cannot accept legal liability on ballistic plates because they can be damaged if abused or improperly shipped


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