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Militech Level IIIA (3A) Shoulder Armor - Deltoid Armor

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This product takes 2-4 weeks to reach your front door.

Over the last year, we have worked closely with Militech to release fragmentation-stopping armor. Artillery, drones, and grenades are statistically the most lethal threat on battlefields across the globe. For this reason, it was imperative to create something capable of protecting users from lethal shrapnel, while still being capable of stopping high-caliber rifle threats.

This shoulder armor works with almost all plate carriers on the market.


  • Built-in level IIIA Armor Soft Armor. 
  • Built-in shoulder pocket for small items (On large only). 
  • Capable of stopping 9MM, .44 MAG SJHP, .357 JSP, Shotguns, and lesser threats.
  • Constructed with high-quality imported Twaron aramid fibers. 
  • NIJ tested by BMT and OBL (Testing documents in the photos!)
  • Constructed with genuine 500D Nylon Fabric and 500D Laminated Nylon. 
  • Manufactured by ISO 9001:2015 Certified Militech. 
  • Large weighs 2.75 lbs per shoulder.
  • Small weighs 1.68 lbs per shoulder.


(1 year) We at Uprise Armory LLC don't want you having to work with broken kit or having to replace something that we could easily take care of for you. Additionally, if you are ever shot wearing our armor we'll replace it for FREE! Learn more about our warranty here.

We do not ship armor to Connecticut or New York.