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Militech NIJ III++ Silicon Carbide Shooters-Cut Lightweight Plate (SiC) (Two Plates)

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Each purchase is a purchase of two ballistic plates.

This product has a 2-4 week lead time. 

Using the same successful hexagon tiles Militech has used in the the Alumina Ceramic III+ plates, Militech has created a III++ Silicon Carbide plate that is 2 pounds lighter for the same protection. The multi-curve design and more aggressive cuts allow you to move more freely compared to regular single-curve plates. 


  • Made out of Silicon Carbide + UHMWPE. (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene)
  • Hexagon tiled core that is edge-to-edge. This allows for true multi-hit capabilities!
  • Shooters cut design which allows users to shoulder rifles easier.
  • SAPI Cut Design 
  • 10"x12" size.
  • Multicurve for a more comfortable design. 
  • Wrapped in water/chemical-resistant nylon.
  • Strike face drop protection.
  • Extensively tested by NIJ 0101.06/07 testing labs. (Results in product photos)

Plate  Size Weight
Shooters Cut 10"x12" 4.2lbs
Medium SAPI 9.5"x12.5" 4.3lbs
Large SAPI 10.25"X13.25" 5.2lbs


What is Silicon Carbide (SiC)?
Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a ceramic material that is known for being lightweight and having exceptional hardness. These properties make it an ideal candidate for use in body armor systems, where it can provide on-par protection against high-velocity projectiles and shrapnel compared to more heavy materials like steel or alumina ceramic. 


By purchasing this product, you understand and accept our legal terms on ballistic plates. We do not ship to New York or Connecticut

We accept returns within 30 days on all products, except for ballistic plates. We cannot accept legal liability on ballistic plates because they can be damaged if abused or improperly shipped