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Quick Adjust Rifle Sling

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This product takes 2-4 weeks to ship to your front door.  

Additional rifle sling mounts can be bought here!

Rifle slings can be frustrating because you can either adjust them in one of two ways. Firstly, you can adjust it tight to your body so it's not slamming into you as you move around with your rifle. However, if you do it this way, you'll need to remove the sling off of you before you can shoulder and fire your rifle.

Or you can adjust a traditional rifle sling to hang the rifle loosely so that you can quickly shoulder your rifle if you need to. By using this method though, you'll lose a lot of comfort with your rifle. Especially with quad-rails.


This sling gives you the best of both worlds! The metal buckle with a pull tab on this sling, allows you to adjust the sling to a very tight or loose fit in a sub-second time. This way you can keep your rifle comfortably attached to you when you operate on your mission. But, at a moment's notice, you can have easy access and manipulation with your rifle. 

Many slings have padding that is too stiff, too thiccc, or straight-up sucks. This padding is minimal but extremely soft in all the right places. It's also removable.

Additionally, this sling can be attached to your rifle in several ways. The two most common ways are to use the included buckles on your sling mounts on your rifle. This isn't a bad way to do it but depending on the location of the mounts on your rifle, it may want to flip the rifle upside down. In that case, we recommend using the hole at the top of your buttstock (standard style AR-15 buttstock) to loop the nylon through. This will be much more comfortable. 

Additional rifle sling mounts can be bought here!

This rifle sling also slip adjusts to give you length if you apply a lot of pressure to push your rifle out and away from you. The pro to this is that in an "oh sh*t!" panic situation, you can force your rifle up without taking the extra step to adjust it, should you have it tight to your body. We'd suggest training to adjust the sling quickly, but as human nature has it, people panic when bullets fly and forget things. This way, you aren't set back by your sling and keep the upper hand. 

Made out of genuine 500D Cordura.